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Player Management
  • Quickly search for any player, by legal name, nick name, email address, phone number or address.

  • Save player pictures in the database.

  • View summary information about any reservation a player has made with you, including trip date, casino, status, play class (at time of reservation), and all play statistics received from the casino.

  • View all reminders related to a player directly in his/her record.

  • Easily create and maintain records of contact all phone calls and correspondence with the player.

  • Date, time and by whom player records are changed automatically tracked.

  • Capture as many or as few addresses and phone numbers as you wish for any player, with the ability to define your own address and phone number types.

  • Book charter or individual reservations directly from the player record.

  • View all past, current and future play history and travel activity for every player in one place.

  • View player preferences directly in the player's record.

  • View complete player credit information directly in the player's record.

  • Date added, time added, and user who added each player record automatically tracked.

  • Capture special needs and requests for players and have them automatically print out on pit sheets, manifests, rooming lists and trip worksheets.

  • Conveniently access all player account numbers.

  • Create custom tracking codes to make fine-tuned marketing a snap!

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