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Reservations Management
  • Automatically email and track confirmations!

  • Book and manage charter and individual reservations.

  • Versatile payment tracking.

  • Capture payment amount, amount applied to the current reservation, who made the payment, credit card info (including authorization and batch numbers), and/or check number.

  • Apply a single payment to multiple reservations, or track multiple payments for a single reservation.

  • Account numbers can be added for the player on-the-fly directly in the reservation record.

  • Easily associate as many or as few roommates as you wish, and instantly jump to roommates reservation records.

  • Automatically book spouses and roommates.

  • Jump directly to the players record from the reservation record.

  • Comp and accommodation codes are automatically restricted to those appropriate for the destination casino.

  • Play class defaults-in from the player's record, but is captured separately so you can view a history of how the player traveled with you over time.

Individual Reservations Features:
  • Track personal reservations for rental cars, limos, flights, etc.

  • Capture and quote multiple travel options.

  • Email quotes and itineraries directly from the reservation record.

  • Manage all individual reservations from a single screen.

Charter Reservations Features:
  • All information for the reservation can be completed by choosing only the player and the trip if the player has been on a trip before.

  • Jump directly to the trip record from the reservation record.

  • Email single confirmations directly from the reservation record or in batches.

  • Track personal dinner reservations.

  • Automatically captures dates printed on manifest, pit sheet, rooming list, DOT form and luggage tags.

  • Automatically book spouses and roommates.

  • Warns you if you are about to dual-book a player on a trip.

  • Choose from a variety of confirmation methods on a reservation-by-reservation basis (phone, card, letter, fax, e-mail, etc.).

  • Control confirmation masters so you can include multiple confirmations on one card.

  • Capture date and time entered, travel group, and travel agent (if any).

  • Customize one line of the information to print on the confirmation card.

  • Ability to clone a reservation for quick entry of another.

  • Allows you to book multiple reservations for a single trip so you can enter held seats and see for whom they are held.

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